Frass Fertiliser 500gr


Consisting of pure insect manure (mostly mealworms). Insect Frass is a 100% organic and natural fertilizer made from the excrement and exoskeletons of bugs. Insect Frass contains high concentrations of beneficial microbial life and chitin. The presence of chitin signals plants to protect themselves from an insect attack, leading to increased resistance to pests and disease.  It stimulates probiotics in the soil whilst also boosting the plants immune system. It’s child and pet friendly, with a slight bread-like odour making it ideal for indoor use.

Before applying insect frass to your garden, it’s usually best to pre-mix it into soil or compost. However, if your plants are already growing you can mix some insect frass in water and let it steep for several hours. Then, use it to drench the roots of your plants.

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