Chaco Golden Knee – Grammostola pulchripes

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The Chaco golden knee is a very calm and docile tarantula, which, along with its striking appearance and large size, makes it an attractive pet, especially for beginners. … The Chaco golden knee tends to be one of the more docile and calm species of tarantula and therefore makes an attractive first pet.

Males are capable of maturing in as little as 2-3 years, but could also take as long as 4 to maybe even 7 in extreme cases. Females would take longer,  wouldn’t expect maturity before 5 or 7 years

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2cm, 5-6cm

1 review for Chaco Golden Knee – Grammostola pulchripes

  1. Bertus Flemming

    Our sling arrived early morning and my wife has been sitting with it for hours! Beautiful little guy, very docile and sociable, allowing us to hande it without even the slightest of threat poses!

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