Tarantula Beginner Starter Kit

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This KIT Includes the following:
– 1 x Tarantula (CHOOSE one tarantula from the list below)
– 1 x small lockable enclosure
–  Live food
–  Substrate
  • Choose any of the following tarantula’s
– Salmon Pink BE- L. Parahybana slings will be ready Dec 2023
– Curly Hair 3-4cm R150* On special R130*
– Chilean Rose RCF – G. Rosea Slings 2cm R250* On Special R180
– Mexican red rump / B. vagans  5-6cm R180* On special R150
– Gautemalan Red Rump Sling 1cm – R90 *
– Chaco Golden Knee / G. pulchripes  (NW) 4-5cm> R170*
Braz. Red & White Knee – N. Chromatus  2-3cm R150*
– Cameroon Red Baboon 6cm R450*
– Klugi Scarlet Birdeater 6-7cm > R200*
– Mexican Fire Leg – B. Boehmei 4-5cm > R250
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Additional information

Sling of your choice

Mex. Red rump 5-6cm, L. Klugi 6-7cm, Curly hair 3-4cm, Pink Zebra Beauty 3-4cm, Brazilian Red 4-5cm – N. Carapoensis, Mex. Fire Leg 4-5cm – B. Boehmei, Brazilian Black & White 3-4cm, Chilean Rose RCF 2-3cm, Chaco Golden Knee 4-5cm, Mexican Golden Red Rump – Brachypelma Albiceps 3-4cm, Chilean Rose Normal 2cm – Grammastola porteri NCF, Salmon Pink 1cm, Mexican Red Knee – Brachypelma Hamorii 3-4cm, Cameroon Red Baboon 6cm, B. Red & White Knee – N. Chromatus 2-3cm, Guatemala Red Rump

3 reviews for Tarantula Beginner Starter Kit

  1. brynn.j.posthumus (verified owner)

    As a first time T keeper this is an awesome beginner starter kit! At this price point it’s really easy to get into the hobby. I would recommend this starter kit, make sure you get a spray bottle and some tweezers for feeding as they don’t come with the kit.

  2. Bertus Flemming (verified owner)

    Our kit arrived withing 24hours.
    Sling was very carefully packed. We opted for the Chaco Golden Knee and I can say, we are very impressed. Enclosure is more than suffice to start off with and the sling was very docile and an absolute cutie.
    Can definitely recommend these sets. More than enough Peat and live feeders to get you going! Perfect set to start out with

  3. Stefan Swart (verified owner)

    Great starter kit. It comes with everything you need to keep your T and your feeders alive. Everything was also packed nicely.

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