Tarantula Juvenile Starter kit

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What is in  the kit:   1 x Tarantula of your choice
  • 7cm Lasiodora Klugi – R350*
  • 6-7cm Curly Hair (NW)- R240* 4 x In Stock
  • Pink Zebra Beauty –  6cm R350
  • Salmon Pink 9-10cm R450
  • Mexican Fire Leg- B. Boehmei  4-5cm (NW) R450
  • Mexican Fire Leg- B. Boehmei  6cm (NW) R500
  • Chilean Rose RCF – Grammostola Rosea 5cm>  R350
  • Lockable plastic container
  • Live food
  • Peat bag
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Additional information

Tarantula of your choice

6-7cm Curly Hair, 8-9cm Lasiodora Klugi, L.Klugi 7cm, 7-8cm Salmon Pink, 9-10cm Salmon Pink, Mexican Fire Leg- B. Boehmei 5-6cm, Brazilian Giant Blonde – N.tripepii 7cm, 6-7cm Pink Zebra Beauty, Chilean Rose RCF 5cm, Chacko Golden Knee – G. pulchripes 5-6cm

2 reviews for Tarantula Juvenile Starter kit

  1. R (verified owner)

    Love this concept. Well packaged and arrive from payment to delivery in 24hours.
    Took the last Mexican Red Knee they had, and couldn’t be more satisfied with service.
    Well done guys

  2. Bertus Flemming

    Amazing value for money!
    Best way to start the hobby or even better as a gift!
    Charlotte looks after her T’s very well so you know the little one in the tub is healthy and happy!

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